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Public Prefabricated Toilet Assists Urban Modernization
Source: | Author:pmo0d8d18 | Published time: 2019-01-29 | 3035 Views | Share:

Planning, EIA, construction application... If want to build a public toilet on the streets of Guangzhou, it may take a long time to go through the process. In order to solve the difficulty of planning the public toilet, a new type of public toilet arises under the cooperation of the urban management and planning department.

On the 24th, the reporter saw at the bus terminal of Guangzhou South Railway Station on the sidewalk that a public toilet that looks larger 
than the ordinary temporary public toilet and has a stronger structure has been opened to the public. Zhao Yuanyi, deputy researcher of the Environmental Protection Department of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Guangzhou City, said that this is an assembled public toilet that has been set up in many places in Guangzhou since 2018. In order to solve the difficulty of building passenger station public toilet in the extremely high crowd density station, the assembled public toilet assists the 2019 Guangzhou Spring Festival travel rush.

“It has the characteristics of temporary public toilets and is superior to temporary public toilets in terms of functions.” Zhao Yuanyi said 
that traditional temporary public toilets are made of plastic and have a single function. Assembled public toilets is made of high-strength building materials. As long as the site is equipped with sewage and water and electricity supply conditions, it can be completed in 25 days. As a temporary building, the assembled public toilet can be assembled for a long time in one place and can be removed at any time. 3 sets of prefabricated public toilet set in the Guangzhou South Station and 1 set on the second floor of Guangzhou East Railway Station are equipped with intelligent ventilation and deodorization functions.

“With this public toilet, we don't have to go into the South Station hall when we need to go to the toilet.” The taxi driver who used the assembled public toilet at Guangzhou South Station praised the newly-built assembled public toilet. The Guangzhou Urban Management Department plans to retain four assembled public toilets at the South Station and the East Station to continue to serve the public after the Spring Festival. In view of the short construction of the assembled public toilets, Guangzhou plans to further install more assembly-type public toilets in public areas.